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Walking Adventure on the Lycian Ways

Lycian Ways offer a unique discovery route for nature lovers and adventurers. This walking track, which follows the old paths of ancient Lycia, passes through mystical forests and ancient cities that smell of history, covered with the cool breezes of the Mediterranean. The Lycian Ways, which are a paradise for nature and history lovers, welcome you with fascinating views at every step.

Among Natural Beauties

The Lycian Ways are located on Turkey's magnificent Mediterranean coastline. The walking route passes through lush green mountains covered with rich vegetation and extends along the coastline to turquoise seas. Walking here nourishes not only your body but also your soul.

At every step of the walking route, the scent of pine trees surrounds you and the chirping of birds accompanies you. The Lycian Ways are full of mysterious bays, waterfalls and peaks waiting to be discovered. This journey in the heart of nature brings you face to face with landscapes that you will admire.

A Journey Full of Historical Touches

The Lycian Ways are full of not only natural beauty but also traces from ancient times. The ruins of ancient Lycia decorate the road and color your journey with the mystical atmosphere of the past. As you pass through ancient cities, temples and rock tombs, you have the opportunity to take a journey intertwined with history.

The paths are full of stone stairs and passages dating back to the Roman and Lycian periods. This ancient travel route offers you the chance to travel deep into time.

Meeting Point for Hiking Enthusiasts

Lycian Ways is a meeting point for hiking enthusiasts. It attracts everyone's attention not only with its views but also with its routes of different difficulty levels. There are both long and challenging routes for experienced hikers and shorter and more enjoyable routes for nature lovers.

On this path, you will make new friends and have an unforgettable experience intertwined with nature and history.

Step into the Lycian Ways and be fascinated by nature and history. An unforgettable adventure awaits you!
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